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Advanced Anaerobics Limited

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About Advanced Anaerobics

Experienced Team: Twenty years supporting small-scale anaerobic digester programmes around the world. Thirty years managing manufacturing businesses in tough sectors. Thirty years delivering excellent engineering performance at low cost. We may have a few grey hairs between us, but they bring benefits we are keen to share.

New Company: Advanced Anaerobics Limited is a dynamic young company, incorporated in 2012 to bring the benefits of anaerobic digestion to farmers in the UK and Ireland with the assurance that comes with an experienced team.

Benefits on Farm: Not for us, the grandeur of a 3MW regional digester, trucking wastes from the big cities. Instead, we prefer micro-generation, which cuts costs for our food producers and enables sustainable agricultural practice on a farm-scale.

Sustainability: We believe that sustainability is important in agriculture and food production. But, sustainability can also be profitable. Advanced Anaerobics will promote sustainable solutions that also make money for farmers, in tough economic times.

Technology Platform: Our aim is to find the best technologies and use them to craft products which meet real needs of real farms. We will avoid over-dependence on a single inventor, working instead with a broad range of technology partners, to develop products that work now and in the future.

Link with KFB: Advanced Anaerobics Limited is delighted to have a strategic relationship with KFB Technische Anlagen GmbH. KFB has developed an outstanding technical product. Based on this experience, we are proud to launch SlurryGen anaerobic digesters in the UK market.

Capable Delivery: An anaerobic digester is a complex piece of equipment. We select our suppliers and delivery partners with great care to ensure that our customers experience the highest standards of service through installation, commissioning and a long operating life.

Our vision: We see farms freed from concerns about future energy costs. We see a small-scale digester working quietly and unobtrusively in every farmyard a standard piece of agricultural equipment. By launching SlurryGen, we hope to make this a reality for dairy farmers.

And the Future?: You have asked us to develop the capability to process other materials found on farms in the UK, Ireland and around the world. We are on the case.

Kit from Advanced Anaerobics will be easy to buy, easy to own and easy to operate, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction. If this is of interest, give us a call.

AAL and KFB Teams

AAL and KFB Teams Together

AAL visit Dusseldorf

SlurryGen-50 under construction in Scotland