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Benefits of AD from AAL

Improved Farm Profits – Energy is a key cost input in modern farming. Generating electricity and heat on-farm provides energy security and gives the farmer control of his energy costs – now and in the future.

Energy for expansion – Whether increasing the herd or diversifying into new activities, on-farm energy generation gives control – and avoids high costs of securing increased supply from the grid.

Brown Gold – Forget gas fracking. No need to drill for oil. With anaerobic digestion, you can extract all the energy you need from fresh cow slurry and still use the residue as enhanced fertilizer.

No Energy Crops – SlurryGen-50 extracts energy from fresh cow slurry only.  No energy crops.  No imported waste streams.  Just the slurry that arises on the farm.

Right process –Anaerobic digestion is a natural process employed by millions of farmers around the world to secure energy.  AAL supplies simple equipment suited to UK regulatory and economic conditions to bring this opportunity to Britain’s farms.

Right size –Buy a plant that is the right size for the operational needs of your farm.  Generate all the energy you need, from a resource that you already have. 

Right cost –Forget multi-million pound plants to process energy crops and imported waste.  SlurryGen is a standard piece of equipment designed to be a cost-effective energy source on a single farm.  Ask Advanced Anaerobics for a quote.  You may be surprised.

Return on Investment –If it doesn’t make economic sense, we don’t want you to buy it.  Advanced Anaerobics will work with you to determine the return on investment for your business.  No consultants.  No fees.  Just us.

Simple Permitting - SlurryGen is small enough to qualify for exemptions from complex planning procedures.  As it treats only materials arising on the farm, there is no requirement for waste management permits.  No planning enquiries.  Installation delays kept to a minimum.

Easy Integration –The plant sits between the slurry sump and the slurry store.  Fresh slurry is collected and pumped into the digester each day.  The residue, including key fertilizer nutrients, is discharged to the farm slurry store, to be spread exactly like untreated slurry.

Easy to Use –The operation of the plant is automated – from pumping the slurry into the digester to timing electricity generation to match demand.  A simple daily inspection of the kit should take no more than 30 minutes.  We will arrange training, but there should be little for the operator to do.

Fully Proven on Farm – Farm-scale AD in the UK is new. The first KFB digester has been in commercial operation on a real dairy farm in Germany since 2011. Let us show you a plant in use.

Sustainable Farming Practice –Reduce methane emissions.  Reduce pathogens in the environment.  Reduce farm odours.  Reduce nitrate losses to watercourses.  AAL is working hard to place anaerobic digestion at the heart of sustainable farming.  Lots still to do, but the vision is clear.

Government Incentives –So what about feed-in tariffs, export tariffs, preliminary accreditation and the renewable heat incentive?  Where suitable incentives exist, AAL will help you make best use of them.  This is complex area that is changing rapidly, as future Government energy policy refocuses on “new nuclear” and incentives for renewables are scaled back.

Next Steps –If you are interested, please contact us.  We will arrange to come and chat.  No commitment.  We look forward to meeting you.

Note 1 –The economic benefits of owning SlurryGen will vary from farm to farm.  AAL will be happy to meet and discuss projections for your business.  The comments set out above will not apply in all cases.  They are illustrative only and do not constitute an offer.

Note 2 –Regulations, permitting regimes and incentives vary by territory and are subject to change by local, regional and national governments.  Current arrangements must be confirmed with relevant authorities locally.