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AD Around the World

Millions of people around the world rely on anaerobic digestion to provide energy for everyday life and to extract useful fertilizer from a wide range of organic waste materials.

Over 40 million digesters in China and India process food waste and farm residues. Principally small local and domestic units, these provide cooking gas, as an alternative to wood as a fuel.

In India, the government incentivizes domestic and community digesters as small as 1m3. Municipal and household waste is processed as an alternative to collection, providing gas to replace increasingly expensive imported propane.

In Germany, over 7800 digesters convert municipal waste, farm residues and energy crops into renewable energy – a viable alternative to nuclear power. Anaerobic digestion works even when the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing. It is used to balance modern electricity grids with a high proportion of renewable inputs.

The UK leads the world in the anaerobic digestion of human sewage sludge. Over 70% of the solid output of our municipal treatment plants passes though 147 specialised digesters, providing energy for the UK’s water system and converting an unpleasant by-product of modern life into useful fertilizer.

Clearly, there is no need to reinvent anaerobic digestion. However, there is a pressing need for cost-effective plants that will process specific organic feedstocks cost-effectively on a local level – whether for farm-based residues or other widely available materials.

Our Approach

Advanced Anaerobics Limited seeks to avoid over-dependence on any one inventor, preferring instead to seek out the best technological solutions from a broad range of sources. This allows us to develop market-leading products quickly and cost-effectively for the specific opportunities that exist in the UK and Ireland.

Our business is agricultural micro-generation. We will leave the grandeur of multi-million pound regional digesters to others. Our plants will work within the perimeter of a farm, processing only the materials that arise on the farm.

We seek to introduce standard products, factory produced and available in volume. If anaerobic digestion is to be a significant contributor to sustainable farming practice and renewable energy generation, we need to build plants across the country – which will work quietly and unobtrusively generating energy and making profits for our farmers.

The first example is our strategic partnership with KFB Technische Anlagen GmbH. The team at KFB has developed an outstanding small-scale digester to extract energy from dairy cow slurry from herds as small as 100 cows. Based on this, AAL is proud to launch SlurryGen in the UK.

And for the future - innovation to extract more energy per tonne of cow slurry. Advanced systems to process pig manure, chicken litter and crop residues. Further products for markets around the world. Expanding our range of applications. Profit-enhancing retrofits for existing operators.

Every plant is designed to operate routinely with minimal operator intervention. We will provide excellent technical and service support, to make the units easy to install, easy to operate and easy to own.

We are always looking for new development partners to join our expanding network. If you have a relevant technology and think it could fit well with our philosophy, give us a call.

AD: How Does It Work?

There are many good descriptions of what AD does and how it works. Please go to for a comprehensive list of sources.

India digester

Small digester in India

Germany Digester

Large German digester


KFB Digester in Germany


SlurryGen-50 from AAL

(artist’s impression)